Welcome to the MAX RUBENS Web site!

Ok, so I'm only 6547 days old, but it's important that in today's world a baby should have a web presence - so here it is...

Although I can't actually walk or speak yet, I've mastered the subtleties of web development. If you're a fellow baby and would like your own web site then send me an email: iwannasite@maxrubens.com.

Alternatively, if you would just like to have your picture in my photo album then email me a photo with a short description and I'll add it. If you don't have a photo in electronic form then drop a photograph round to our house and I'll scan it in...oh yes, we have all the technology round here!

I'm currently single with my own cot and a rather fancy three wheel pram for those off-road adventures. I enjoy pooing 3 times the amount I eat, and can eat anything and everything with my 4 teeth. I'm now crawling and walking around the furniture. My latest trick is an ascent of the North face of the stairs in less than 3 minutes! ...you really should come and see me, I'm just so cute!

Love from Max
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